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The Impact of Electric Tricycles on Sustainability

11th April, 2024

The Impact of Electric Tricycles on Sustainability

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At Jorvik, we understand that every turn of the wheel is a chance to tread lightly on the earth. Electric tricycles are not just a means to move; they are our partners in paving the path to a more sustainable world.

The Eco-Friendly Choice

Choosing an electric tricycle from Jorvik isn't just a personal transport solution; it's helping our planet. The short journeys, often taken for granted, become opportunities to protect our environment:

  • Popping to the corner shop for a pint of milk
  • A morning trip to the nearest post box
  • The daily commute to the local community centre

The freedom gained from a Jorvik trike means all these daily errands and more become easier and more sustainable than jumping in the car or waiting for a bus, train or taxi.

Carbon Footprint Reduction with Trikes

Why Small Journeys Matter:

Every mile adds up. By replacing car trips with your electric tricycle for those little errands, you significantly cut down carbon emissions.

The Ripple Effect of Choosing Trikes:

Encouraging neighbours and friends to consider electric tricycles amplifies the positive impact on air quality.

Reduced Traffic Congestion:

Fewer cars mean less traffic. Your tricycle is part of the solution, easing the burden on our roads.

The Joy of the Journey:

On your trike, the commute transforms from a stress-inducing hustle to a peaceful transition between home and work.

Powering Your Trike Sustainably

While electric tricycles contribute to a reduction in fossil fuel use and emissions, the source of their electricity can also help in maximizing their environmental benefits. Here are some strategies for sustainably charging:

Harnessing Home Solar Power

  • Solar PV Systems: Investing in solar panels for your home isn't just for powering your lights and appliances. It can also be a clean energy source for charging your electric tricycle. Even in the UK, where sunlight may seem scarce, solar panels can efficiently collect energy during daylight hours.
  • Feed-in Tariffs and Smart Export Guarantees: By generating your electricity, you can use what you need to charge your trike and potentially sell back excess to the grid, making your investment even more sustainable and cost-effective.

Using Green Energy Suppliers

  • Switch to a Green Energy Tariff: Opt for an energy supplier that provides 100% renewable electricity. This way, even when you plug in your tricycle to charge overnight, you can rest assured that your energy comes from wind, solar, or hydro sources.
  • Time-of-Use Tariffs: Consider tariffs that offer cheaper rates during off-peak hours, encouraging energy usage when demand is low, and the grid is more likely to be supplied by renewable sources.

Smart Charging at Home

  • Intelligent Charging Units: Use smart charging units that you can program to charge your tricycle at the most eco-friendly times. Some units can even respond to grid signals to charge when the proportion of renewable energy is highest.
  • Monitoring Your Consumption: Keeping an eye on how much electricity you're using with energy monitors can help you understand your charging patterns and adjust for efficiency.

A Community Effort

To truly evoke change we need to encourage the use of greener transport more widely. At Jorvik, we pride ourselves on the strength of our ever-growing community, all of whom help perpetuate change to a more sustainable, enjoyable transport choice, even if this isn’t their primary reason for getting out on three wheels.

What’s more, having the freedom to explore the world on three wheels alongside 2-wheeled companions means you can help educate younger generations about the joy, and benefit, of travelling more sustainably.

If you’re ready to start exploring a greener, more enjoyable way to travel, browse our range of adult electric tricycles.

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