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How are adult tricycles revolutionising exercise for all ages?

20th October, 2023

How are adult tricycles revolutionising exercise for all ages?

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Adult tricycles for seniors have made exercise more accessible, enjoyable and beneficial for people of all ages. They provide a safe and stable way for the elderly to stay active and maintain their independence.


Why are adult trikes a good form of exercise for seniors?

Three-wheel electric bikes for seniors are making exercise more accessible for elderly people who struggle with mobility, here is how: 


1. Stability and balance

Three-wheel electric bikes make it easier for elderly individuals, who may now struggle to coordinate balance, steering and pedalling, to continue cycling. The third wheel minimises the risk of falling off, making a safer choice for those who need additional support.


2. Promotes mobility and an active lifestyle

By offering seniors a way to stay active, adult trikes encourage individuals to lead a more active lifestyle, even those who struggle with their mobility. Staying active as you get older has a variety of health benefits such as:

• Weight management to help when living with conditions such as diabetes or arthritis

• Maintain and improve cardiovascular health reducing the risk of heart disease, heart attack or stroke

• Maintain and improve joint mobility and muscle strength which can deteriorate with age


3. Low-impact exercise

Cycling is a low-impact form of exercise for the elderly. It doesn’t put too much strain on your muscles and is gentle on your joints. With the extra assistance of the electric motor, cycling on an electric trike requires less physical exertion from riders. 

This kind of low-impact exercise is an excellent way to enhance your cardiovascular health, maintain a healthy heart and reduce the risk of heart disease.


4. Strengthen muscles

While electric trikes offer a low-impact workout, they still engage various muscle groups including the legs, core and upper body.

For those who want a greater challenge, consider cycling whilst standing up. This intensifies the pressure on your leg muscles and encourages you to engage your core. Cycling uphill also requires more physical effort, making it an excellent way to build endurance and muscle strength.


5. Rehabilitation

Electric adult trikes can be used by those recovering from injuries or surgeries. Cycling is low-impact, making it ideal for rebuilding strength in your legs and improving joint mobility. The third wheel on adult trikes offers additional stability for those looking to incorporate cycling into their rehabilitation.


As well as the physical benefits of using tricycles for exercise, there are many mental health benefits:

  • Improve overall mental wellbeing: Using three-wheel bikes for exercise can help reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Quality time with loved ones: Adult tricycles for seniors enable elderly family members to participate in family days out, such as family walks or bike rides.
  • Social interaction: Joining local cycling groups is a new way for elderly people to combat loneliness by providing new opportunities to make new friends.

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