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Tricycle Tips: How to stay safe while off-road cycling

20th January, 2023

Tricycle Tips: How to stay safe while off-road cycling

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Mountain trikes are designed to support you on your adventures and withstand more challenging terrain. This makes our all-terrain trikes best suited to those who live in more remote areas or those who enjoy exploring off-road cycle routes.


5 tips to stay safe while off-road cycling

Before setting off on your three-wheel mountain bike, we’d recommend you take a look at our 5 top tips on how to stay safe while off-road cycling.


1. Wear appropriate clothing

Wearing appropriate clothing is important for a number of reasons. Off-road cycling often involves riding through rough terrain and varying weather conditions, which can be harsh on the body. Wearing clothes that are designed to be both durable and comfortable protects the rider from the elements and prevents injuries.

In case of an accident, proper protective gear such as a helmet and gloves can massively reduce the risk of injury. Bright and reflective clothing can improve visibility while riding in poor weather or low-light conditions.


2. Tricycle safety checks

Regularly checking and maintaining your adult tricycle is important to ensure it is safe to ride and in good working condition.

• Check your tire pressure to ensure they’re properly inflated. Also, make sure there are no cuts, punctures, or excessive wear on the tires.

• Check your brakes are working properly, that the brake pads aren’t worn down, and that the brake cables aren’t fraying or damaged.

• Check that the steering and handlebars are secure to your tricycle and that they rotate smoothly.

• Check the lights and reflectors are working and in good condition, it is important to have good visibility and be seen by others while riding.


3. Ride within your skill level

If you attempt to ride at a level beyond your abilities you are putting yourself at higher risk of falling or crashing and causing yourself injury. Additionally, if you’re not comfortable with your riding skills, it can lead to a lack of confidence while rising, which also increases the risk of accidents.

Riding beyond your skill level can also result in burnout and fatigue. If you constantly push yourself too hard, you will become tired much quicker and may eventually lose interest in cycling. By making sure you’re riding within your skill level you’re much more likely to enjoy the ride and be able to ride for longer periods of time.


4. Know how to balance a tricycle

Balancing an adult tricycle when turning corners can be a bit more challenging than cycling in a straight line, but with some practice, you can master it! Here are some of our tips:

• As you approach a corner, start slowing down by using the brakes to give you more control

• As you come into the corner, learn your body slightly into the turn. This helps balance the tricycle and prevent it from tipping over.

• Keep your eyes looking ahead, and not at the ground.

• Pedal through the turn. Keep pedaling steadily through the turn to help you maintain your balance and keep the tricycle moving.

• As you come out of the turn, straighten your body and handlebars to set the tricycle straight and maintain your balance.

• Practice turning corners slowly at first and on flat surfaces before heading out to different terrains.


5. Take precautions with you

When heading out on any cycle, but especially when off-road cycling, it is important to take precautions with you to ensure you’re prepared for different situations and are safe.

Despite Jorvik Tricycles mountain trikes having puncture-resistant tyres to reduce the risk of punctures, if you’re cycling on rough terrain you should still take a puncture repair kit just in case. It’s also important to take precautions to keep your energy up throughout your cycle. A bottle of water and a few snacks should be enough to keep you going.


Now you know how to stay safe while off-road cycling, why not visit the UK's best forests for off-road cycling

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