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The most cycling friendly cities in Europe for tourists

15th July, 2022

The most cycling friendly cities in Europe for tourists

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As advocates for more sustainable travel, Jorvik Tricycles want to encourage you to take on a new adventure by cycling around your favourite European cities - and electric trikes are the perfect way to do this! This enables you to cover larger distances and see more of the sights, all while minimising your carbon footprint while travelling. Although cycling on foreign ground may seem daunting at first, there is no better way to see your favourite European cities.

Cycling is a huge part of European culture; it is both accepted and encouraged in most cities, and is seen as an easy and affordable way to get around. Cities across Europe have become more cycle-centred with the introduction of cycle schemes, additional cycle paths and cycle-friendly infrastructure designed to improve the safety of cyclists. But, where really is the best road cycling destination in Europe for tourists?

Jorvik Tricycles have looked at several factors to help rank Europe’s popular tourist cities to determine what cities are the most cycling friendly for tourists this summer. Having looked into the number of cycle routes, mapped cycle ways, air pollution, popular landmarks and the number of cycle tours available within each city here are the best cycling cities in Europe!

1.      Rome

2.      Paris

3.      Amsterdam

4.     Prague

5.     Vienna

6.     Berlin

7.      Lisbon

8.     Copenhagen

9.     Budapest

10.  Edinburgh


So where is best to tour on your tricycle?

With around 620,000km of mapped cycle ways, more than 10,000 cycle routes across the city and 124 cycle tours available for tourists to choose from, our research (surprisingly) found that Rome came out as Europe’s most cycle friendly city for tourists. Avoid the traffic jams by cycling to must-see spots in the city as well as exploring some hidden gems to get a real feel for the beautiful city and make the most of your trip to the Italian capital.

Paris has nearly 900,000km of mapped cycle ways, 18,000 cycle routes and 51 cycle tours available to tourists making it the second most cycling friendly city in Europe for tourists. Having announced plans to increase the number of protected cycleways and make Paris a ‘100% cyclable city’ it’s no surprise that the French capital made it into the top three city cycling destinations in Europe.

Amsterdam is known for its cycling culture and it’s impressive cyclist-friendly infrastructure. Believe it or not there are actually more bikes than people in the city – 1.33 bikes per person. Amsterdam has nearly a million kilometres of mapped cycle ways (979,770km to be specific!) and 7,923 cycle routes throughout the city.


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